Ufoaiheisia kirjoja

UFOLOGIAN KIRJOJA (versio 2.0 332 kirjaa)

Seuraavassa on kokoelma kirjoja, jotka tämän listan kirjoittajalle, H. S. Stewartille, on tiedossa koskien UFOja. Lista on kirjoittajan nimen mukaan aakkosjärjestyksessä ja julkaisuvuoden mukaan mikäli vuosi on tiedossa. Kysymysmerkki ? tarkoittaa, että tarkkaa julkaisuvuotta ei ole tiedossa, mutta jokin luku on kirjassa annettu. Asteriski * nimen edessä tarkoittaa, että listan kirjoittajalla on kopio kirjasta. Risuaita # kirjan nimen edessä tarkoittaa, että tämän listan kirjoittaja on lukenut kirjan. Jos kirja on kirjoitettu yhdessä jonkun muun kanssa, silloin ainoastaan ensimmäinen nimi kannesta on listattu. Listan kirjat eivät ole kaikki samaa laatua. KUITENKIN koska kaikilla on mielipide kirjoista, kirjat joiden nimen edessä on huutomerkki ! ovat tämän listan kirjoittajan mielestä jokaisen luettava.

Bill Adler               *   LETTERS TO THE AIR FORCE ON UFOS  1967

George Adamski           *   BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCER MYSTERY  1961
                            (FLYING SAUCERS FAREWELL)
George Adamski               MANY MANSIONS                    ?1961
George Adamski               COSMIC PHILOSOPHY                 1961
George Adamski           *   INSIDE THE FLYING SAUCERS         1955
                            (INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS)
George Adamski           #   FLYING SAUCERS HAVE LANDED        1953
George Adamski               PIONEERS OF SPACE A TRIP TO THE       
MOON MARS AND VENUS                                            1949

Gordon W. Allen              OVERLORDS OLYMPIANS AND THE UFO   1974
Gordon W. Allen              SPACECRAFT FROM BEYOND 3D         1959

George C. Andrews            EXTRATERRESTRIALS AMONG US       ?1988

Orfeo Angelucci              THE SECRET OF THE SAUCERS         1955

Kenneth Arnold               THE COMING OF THE SAUCERS         1952

John C. Baird             #  THE INNER LIMITS OF OUTER SPACE   1987

Gray Barker                  GRAY BARKER AT GIANT ROCK         1976
Gray Barker                  THE SILVER BRIDGE                 1970
Gray Barker                  THE BOOK OF GEORGE ADAMSKI        1965
Gray Barker                  THE STRANGE CASE OF DR M K JESSUP 1963
Gray Barker             THEY KNEW TOO MUCH ABT FLYING SAUCERS  1958
Gray Barker                  THE SAUCERIAN REVIEW              1956

Madelene Barnothy            THE EFFECTS OF MAGNETIC FIELDS    1964

Bill Barry                   ULTIMATE ENCOUNTER                1978

John Baxter                  THE FIRE CAME BY - THE RIDDLE OF THE GREAT 
SIBERIAN EXPLOSION                                             1976

LIFE:A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF BRITISH BOOKS                           1971

Chessman Beere               USP - PHYSICS FOR FLYING SAUCERS  1973

Albert Bender                FLYING SAUCERS AND THE THREE MEN  1963
Albert Bender                SPACE REVIEW                      1962

Hildegard Bender             KNIGHTS OF THE SOLAR CROSS - 
MESSAGES FROM OUTER SPACE                                      1968

Jacques Bergier              ET INTERVENTION - THE EVIDENCE    1974
Jacques Bergier              ET VISITS FROM PREHISTORY TO PRESENT                    1970

!  Charles Berlitz       *   THE ROSWELL INCIDENT              1980
Charles Berlitz          *   MYSTERIES FROM FORGOTTEN WORLDS   1972
Charles Berlitz          #   THE MYSTERY OF ATLANTIS           1969

Raymond Bernard          #   THE HOLLOW EARTH                  1969
Raymond Bernard              FLYING SAUCERS FROM EARTHS INTERIOR                     ?1969

Truman Bethurum              THE PEOPLE OF THE PLANET CLARION  1970
Truman Bethurum              FACING REALITY                    1958
Truman Bethurum              THE VOICE OF THE PLANET CLARION   1957
Truman Bethurum              ABOARD A FLYING SAUCER            1954

Otto Billig                  FLYING SAUCERS: MAGIC IN THE SKIES: A PSYCHOHISTORY      1982

Otto Binder                  UNSOLVED MYSTERIES OF THE PAST   ?1974
Otto Binder                  MANKIND CHILD OF THE STARS        1974
Otto Binder                  FLYING SAUCERS ARE WATCHING US    1968
Otto Binder                  WHAT WE REALLY KNOW ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS                 1967

Ted Bloecher                 REPORT ON THE UFO WAVE OF 1947    1967

Ralph Blum               *   BEYOND EARTH: MANS CONTACT WITH UFO'S                    1974

Josef Blumrich           *   THE SPACESHIPS OF EZEKIEL         1974

Yurko Bondarchuk             UFO SIGHTINGS, LANDINGS AND ABDUCTIONS                   1979

Charles Bowen                ENCOUNTER CASES FROM FLYING SAUCER REVIEW                1977
Charles Bowen                UFO ENCOUNTERS (magazine)         1973
Charles Bowen                UFO'S IN TWO WORLDS (magazine)    1971
Charles Bowen                BEYOND CONDON                     1969
Charles Bowen                THE HUMANOIDS - A SURVEY OF WORLDWIDE REPORTS            1969
Charles Bowen                UFO PERCIPIENTS (magazine)        1969
Charles Bowen                THE HUMANOIDS (magazine)          1966

M. Bowen                     FLYING SAUCERS AND OUTER SPACE    1969

Don Boys                     FLYING SAUCERS: MYTHS, MADNESS OR MADE IN MOSCOW        ? 1974

Ronald Bracewell             THE GALACTIC CLUB                 1975

Eugene Burt                  UFO'S AND DIAMAGNETISM            1970


Maurice Chatelain        *   OUR ANCESTORS CAME FROM OUTER SPACE                       1975

Howard Chambers              UFO"S FOR THE MILLIONS            1967

Robert Chapman               UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS       1969

Robert Charroux              LEGACY OF THE GODS                1974
Robert Charroux              THE GODS UNKNOW                   1974
Robert Charroux              MASTERS OF THE WORLD              1974
Robert Charroux              FORGOTTEN WORLDS                  1973
Robert Charroux              ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND YEARS OF     1971
                             MANS UNKNOWN HISTORY

Adrian V. Clark              COSMIC MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE ?1969

                             FLYING OBJECTS                    1969
Gordon Cove                  WHO PILOTS THE FLYING SAUCERS    ?1974

William R. Corliss       *   HANDBOOK OF UNUSUAL NATURAL
                            PHENOMENA                         1977

Douglas Curran               IN ADVANCE OF THE LANDING: FOLK
                             CONCEPTS OF OUTER SPACE           1985

Reilly H. Crabb              FLYING SUACERS AT EDWARDS AFB    ?1980

Leonard G. Cramp             SPACE, GRAVITY AND THE
                             FLYING SAUCER                    ?1967

Ellen Crystal                INVASION: THEY COME IN SILENCE   ?1988

David M. Jacob's             THE CONTROVERSY OVER FLYING
                             OBJECTS IN AMERICA 1869-1973     ?1986

Jay David                    THE FLYING SAUCER READER          1967

Isabel Davis                 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS AT KELLY
                             AND OTHERS OF 1955                1978
Isabel Davis                 EXTRATERRESTRIALS SUGGESTED
                             MOTIVES AND ORIGIN                1969

Erich Von Daniken            VON DANIKENS PROOF                1978
Erich Von Daniken            MIRACLES OF THE GODS              1976
Erich Von Daniken            RETURN TO THE STARS              ?1974
Erich Von Daniken            IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT GODS         1973
Erich Von Daniken        #   THE GOLD OF THE GODS              1972
Erich Von Daniken        *   GODS FROM OUTER SPACE             1971
Erich Von Daniken        *   CHARIOTS OF THE GODS              1970

L. S. DeCamp             *   THE ANCIENT ENGINEERS             1980

R. L. Dione              *   GOD DRIVES A FLYING SAUCER        1969

Barry Downing                THE BIBLE AND FLYING SAUCERS      1968

Raymond W. Drake             GODS AND SPACEMEN THROUGHOUT
                             HISTORY                           1975
Raymond W. Drake             GODS AND SPACEMEN OF THE ANCIENT
                             WEST                              1974
Raymond W. Drake             GODS AND SPACEMEN IN ANCIENT EAST 1968

Ann Druffel                  THE TUJUNGA CANYON CONTACTS       1980

George Eberhart              UFO'S AND THE EXTRATERESTRIAL     1980
                             CONTACT MOVEMENT: A BIBLIOGRAPHY  1986
George Eberhart              A GEO-BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ANOMALIES   1980

Martin Ebon              #   THE RIDDLE OF THE BERMUDA TRIANGL 1975

Frank Edwards                FLYING SAUCERS HERE AND NOW       1967
Frank Edwards            *   FLYING SAUCERS SERIOUS BUSINESS   1966
Frank Edwards            *   STRANGER THAN SCIENCE             1959
Frank Edwards            *   STRANGEST OF ALL                  1956

Robert Emenegger             UFO'S PAST PRESENT & FUTURE       1974

Walter Ernsting              THE DAY THE GODS DIED             1971

Hilary Evans                 THE EVIDENCE FOR UFO'S            1983

Lawrence Fawcett         #   CLEAR INTENT: THE GOVERMENT
                             COVERUP OF THE UFO EXPERIENCE     1984

Randall Fitzgerald           THE COMPLETE BOOK OF EXTRA
                             TERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTYERS           1979

Parls Flammonde              UFO EXIST                        ?1987

Charles Fort                 COMPLETE BOOKS OF CHARLES FORT    1974
Charles Fort                 LO!                               1934

Raymond E. Fowler            CASEBOOK OF A UFO INVESTIGATOR    1981
Raymond E. Fowler        #   THE ANDREASSON AFFAIR             1979

Stanton Friedman             UFO'S TODAY                       1974
Stanton Friedman             UFO'S MYTH AND MYSTERY            1971
Stanton Friedman             FLYING SAUCER ENERGETICS          1970

Daniel Fry                   THE WHITE SANDS INCIDENT          1966

Curtis Fuller                PROCEEDINGS OF THE FIRST
                             INTERNATIONAL UFO CONGRESS        1980

John G. Fuller               ALIENS IN THE SKIES              ?1970
John G. Fuller           *   THE INTERUPTED JOURNEY            1966
John G. Fuller           *   INCIDENT AT EXETER                1966

Judith Gansberg              DIRECT ENCOUNTERS                 1980

Richard Garvin           #   THE CRYSTAL SKULL                 1973

Gavin Gibbons                THEY RODE IN SPACESHIPS           1957

Daniel Gillmor               SCIENTIFIC STUDY OF UFO'S         1969

Kurt Glemser                 FLYING SAUCERS FROM THE FOURTH    1974
Kurt Glemser                 FLYING SAUCERS AND THE INNER      1974
Kurt Glemser                 THE MEN IN BLACK REPORT           1973
Kurt Glemser                 UFO'S: MENACE FROM THE SKIES      1972
Kurt Glemser                 THEY WALK AMONG US                1970

Timothy Good                 GEORGE ADAMSKI THE UNTOLD STORY  ?1988

Gabriel Green                LETS FACE THE FACTS ABOUT
                             FLYING SAUCERS                    1967

Irving Greenfield            THE UFO REPORT                    1967

Barry Greenwood              CLEAR INTENT                     ?1988

Richard F. Haines            OBSERVING UFO'S: AN INVESTIGATIVE
                             HANDBOOK                          1980

David Haisell            *   THE MISSING SEVEN HOURS           1978
David Haisell                THE MISSING SEVEN HOURS REVEALED  1978

!  Richard H. Hall       *   UNINVITED GUESTS                  1988
Richard H. Hall              THE UFO EVIDENCE                  1964
Richard H. Hall              CHALLANGE OF UFO'S               ?1966

W. A. Harbinson          *   THE LIGHT OF EDEN                 1987
W. A. Harbinson          *   OTHERWORLD                        1984
W. A. Harbinson              REVELATION                        ????
! W. A. Harbinson        *   GENESIS                           1980

Clive Harold                 THE UNINVITED: A TRUE STORY       1979

Gerald Heard                 IS ANOTHER WORLD WATCHING         1953

Allan Hendry                 THE UFO HANDBOOK                  1979

James Holledge               FLYING SAUCERS OVER AUSTRALIA     1965

Bud Hopkins              *   MISSING TIME: A DOCUMENTED STUDY
                             OF UFO ABDUCTIONS                 1981
Bud Hopkins              *   INTRUDERS: THE INCREDIBLE
                             VISITATIONS AT COPLEY WOODS       1987
Bud Hopkins                  INTRUDERS AMONG US               ?1987

! Allan J. Hynek         *   THE HYNEK UFO REPORT              1977
Allan J. Hynek               THE EDGE OF REALITY               1975
Allan J. Hynek           *   THE UFO EXPERIENCE A SCIENTIFIC
                             INQUIRY                           1972

Phil Imbrogno            #   NIGHT SIEGE THE HUDSON VALLEY UFO 1987

D. Jacobs                    THE UFO CONTROVERCY IN AMERICA    1975

Trevor James                 THEY LIVE IN THE SKY             ?1967

M. K. Jessup                 THE EXPANDING CASE FOR UFO'S      1957
M. K. Jessup             #   THE CASE FOR THE UFO'S            1955
!   M. K. Jessup             THE CASE FOR THE UFO'S            1956
                            (ANOTATED "VARO" EDITION)
M. K. Jessup                 THE UFO ANNUAL                    1956
M. K. Jessup                 UFO AND THE BIBLE                 1956

Carl Jung                    FLYING SAUCERS: A MODERN MYTH
                             OF THINGS SEEN IN THE SKY         1959

John A. Keel                 THE MAN WHO INVENTED FLYING
                             SAUCERS                           1983
John A. Keel                 THE EIGHTH TOWER                  1975
John A. Keel                 THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES            1975
John A. Keel             *   OUR HAUNTED PLANET                1971
John A. Keel                 UFO'S OPERATION TROJAN HORSE      1970

C. F. Keil                   COMMENTARY ON THE OLD TESTAMENT   1966

Major Donald E. Keyhoe   *   ALIENS FROM SPACE... THE REAL
                             STORY OF UFO'S                    1973
Major Donald E. Keyhoe       FLYING SAUCERS TOP SECRET         1960
Major Donald E. Keyhoe       FLYING SAUCER CONSPIRACY          1955
Major Donald E. Keyhoe       FLYING SAUCERS FROM OUTER SPACE   1953
Major Donald E. Keyhoe       FLYING SAUCERS ARE REAL           1950

K. A. Kichen                 ANCIENT ORIENT AND OLD TESTAMENT  1966

Gary Kinder              *   LIGHT YEARS                       1987

Phillip Klass                UFO'S THE PUBLIC DECIEVED         1983
Phillip Klass                UFO'S EXPLAINED                   1974
Phillip Klass                UFO'S IDENTIFIED                  1968

Peter Kolosimo               NOT OF THIS WORLD                 1971

Dino Kraspedon               MY CONTACT WITH FLYING SAUCERS    1959

Alan Landsburg           *   THE OUTER SPACE CONNECTION        1975

George Leonard               SOMEONE ELSE IS ON THE MOON      ?1988

Brinsley LePoer Trench       SECRET OF THE AGES - UFO's        1975
                             FROM INSIDE THE EARTH
Brinsley LePoer Trench       OPERATION EARTH                   1974
Brinsley LePoer Trench       THE ETERNAL SUBJECT               1973
                             (THE UFO STORY)
Brinsley LePoer Trench       FLYING SAUCERS HAVE ARRIVED       1970
Brinsley LePoer Trench       THE FLYING SAUCER STORY           1970
Brinsley LePoer Trench       TEMPLE OF THE STARS               1962
                             (MEN AMONG MANKIND)
Brinsley LePoer Trench       THE SKY PEOPLE                    1960

Gordon Lindsay               THE RIDDLE OF THE FLYING SAUCERS  1972
Gordon Lindsay               THE ANTICHRISTS HAVE COME         1958

Howard Liss                  UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS       1968

Robert Loftin                IDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS         1968

Gordon Lore Jr.              STRANGE EFFECTS FROM UFO'S        1969
Gordon Lore Jr.              MYSTERIES OF THE SKIES: UFO'S
                             IN PERSPECTIVE                    1968

Robert W. Loosley            AN ACCOUNT OF A MEETING WITH
                            DENIZENS OF ANOTHER WORLD          1971

Coral Lorenzen               ABDUCTED!                         1977
Coral Lorenzen               ENCOUNTERS WITH UFO OCCUPANTS     1976
Coral Lorenzen               UFO'S THE WHOLE STORY             1969
Coral Lorenzen            *  UFO'S OVER THE AMERICAS           1968
Coral Lorenzen               FLYING SAUCER OCCUPANTS           1967
Coral Lorenzen            *  THE FLYING SAUCER HOAX            1966
Coral Lorenzen               (FLYING SAUCERS: THE STARTLING
                             EVIDENCE OF THE INVITATION FROM
                             OUTER SPACE)                      1966

Duncan Lunan              *  MYSTERIOUS SIGNALS FROM
                             OUTER SPACE                       1974

Larry Maddock                THE FLYING SAUCER GAMBIT          1966

Kenneth c. McCulloch         MANKIND CITIZEN OF THE GALAXY    ?1988

John Magor                   OUR UFO VISITORS                  1977

Howard Menger                FROM OUTER SPACE TO YOU           1959

John Manas                   FLYING SAUCERS ANS SPACEMEN       1962

Dr. Donald Menzel            THE UFO ENIGMA                    1977
Dr. Donald Menzel            UFO FACT OR FICTION               1967
Dr. Donald Menzel            THE WORLD OF FLYING SAUCERS       1963
Dr. Donald Menzel            FLYING SAUCERS                    1953

Aime Michel                  FLYING SAUCERS AND THE STRAIGHT
                             LINE MYSTERY                      1958
Aime Michel                  THE TRUTH ABOUT FLYING SAUCERS    1956

John Michell             *   THE FLYING SAUCER VISION          1967

Helen Mitchell               WE MET THE SPACE PEOPLE          ?1970

William L. Moore             THE SPITZBERGEN SAUCER CRASH     ?1988
William L. Moore             CRASHED UFO'S: EVIDENCE IN THE
                             SEARCH FOR PROOF                 ?1988
William L. Moore             UFO'S THE MOST HIGHLY CLASSIFIED
                             SUBJECT                           1986
!  William L. Moore      *   THE ROSWELL INCIDENT              1980
!  William L. Moore      *   THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT       1979

Jim Moseley                  THE WRIGHT FIELD STORY            1971
Jim Moseley                  JIM MOSELEY'S BOOK OF SAUCER NEWS 1967

Israel Norkin                SAUCER DIARY                      1957

Erich Norman                 GODS AND DEVILS FROM OUTER SPACE  1973
Erich Norman             *   GODS, DEMONS AND SPACE CHARIOTS   1970

James E. Oberg               UFO'S AND OUTER SPACE MYSTERIES:

Thomas Olsen                 THE REFERENCE FOR OUTSTANDING
                             UFO SIGHTING REPORTS             ?1968

Ray Palmer                   THE REAL UFO INVASION             1968

Michael Parry                CHARIOTS OF FIRE                  1974
                             A SYMPATHETIC SKEPTICS REPORT     1982

T. B. Pawlicki               HOW TO BUILD A FLYING SAUCER AND
                             OTHER PROPOSALS IN SPECULATIVE
                             ENGINEERING                       1981

Ted Peters                   UFO'S GOD'S CHARIOTS              1977

Ted Phillips                 PHYSICAL TRACES ASSOCIATED WITH       
                             UFO SIGHTINGS                     1975

Randolfo Raphael Pozos     # THE FACE ON MARS                 ?1980

                             NATIONAL UFO CONGRESS             1980

Jenny Randles                SKY CRASH: A COSMIC CONSPIRACY    1984
Jenny Randles                SCIENCE AND THE UFO'S             1985
Jenny Randles                UFO REALITY: A CRITICAL LOOK
                             AT THE PHYSICAL EVIDENCE          1983

Richard M. Rasmussen         THE UFO LITERATURE: A COMPREHEN
                             SIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS IN
                             ENGLISH                           1985

J. Rimmer                    THE EVIDENCE FOR ALIEN ABDUCTIONS 1984

Edward J. Ruppelt            THE REPORT ON UNIDENTIFIED
                             FLYING OBJECTS                    1956

Harley D. Rutledge           PROJECT IDENTIFICATION: THE
                             FIRST SCIENTIFIC FIELD STUDY
                             OF THE UFO PHENOMENA              1981

Margaret Sachs               THE UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA              1980
Margaret Sachs               CELESTRIAL PASSENGERS: UFO'S
                             AND SPACE TRAVEL                  1977

Carl Sagan                   OTHER WORLDS                      1975
Carl Sagan                   THE COSMIC CONNECTION             1973
Carl Sagan                   UFO'S A SCIENTIFIC DEBATE         1972
Carl Sagan                   INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE  1967

Thierry J. Sagnier       *   THE UFO REPORT                    1983

Frank Salisbury              THE UTAH UFO DISPLAY              1974

Ivan Sanderson               UNINVITED VISITORS                1967
Ivan Sanderson               INVISIBLE RESIDENTS               1970

David Saunders               UFO's? YES!: WHERE THE CONDON
                             REPORT WENT WRONG                 1968

Frank Scully             #   BEHIND THE FLYING SAUCERS         1950

Jean Sendy               *   THE COMING OF THE GODS            1970
Jean Sendy               *   THE GODS WHO MADE HEAVEN & EARTH  1969
Jean Sendy                   THE MOON: OUTPOST OF THE GODS     1968

Robert Sheaffer              THE UFO VERDICT: EXAMINING
                             THE EVIDENCE                      1980

Arthur Shuttlewood           UFO'S KEY TO THE NEW AGE          1971
Arthur Shuttlewood           WARNING FROM FLYING FRIENDS       1968
Arthur Shuttlewood       *   THE WARMINSTER MYSTERY            1967

MS Smith                     THE UFO ENIGMA                    1976
Warren Smith             #   SECRET OF THE HOLLOW EARTH        1976
Warren Smith             #   SECRET FORCES OF THE PYRAMIDS     1975

Garder Soule                 UFO'S AND IFO'S                   1967

John Spenser             *   PHENOMENON FORTY YEARS OF
                             FLYING SUACERS                    1988
John Spencer             #   NO EARTHLY EXPLANATION            1974
John Spencer                 LIMBO OF THE LOST                 1969

Gerome Stanton               FLYING SAUCERS HOAX OR REALITY    1966

Roger Stanway                FLYING SAUCER REPORT - UFO'S
                             UNIDENTIFIED AND UNDENIABLE       1968

Fred Steckling               UFO'S WHY ARE THEY HERE?          1969

Brad Steiger             #   THE FELLOWSHIP                    1988
Brad Steiger             *   THE UFO ABDUCTORS                 1988
Brad Steiger                 THE STAR PEOPLE                  ?1988
Brad Steiger                 REVELATION: THE DIVINE FIRE      ?1988
Brad Steiger                 WORLDS BEFORE OUR OWN            ?1988
Brad Steiger             *   ALIEN MEETINGS                    1978
Brad Steiger                 GODS OF AQUARIOUS                 1976
Brad Steiger                 PROJECT BLUEBOOK                  1976
Brad Steiger                 THE NEW UFO BREAKTHROUGH         ?1976
Brad Steiger             #   MYSTERIES OF TIME AND SPACE       1974
Brad Steiger                 FLYING SAUCER INVASION - TARGET       
                             EARTH                             1969
Brad Steiger                 ALLENDE LETTERS                   1968
Brad Steiger                 NEW UFO BREAKTHROUGH              1968
Brad Steiger                 FLYING SAUCERS ARE HOSTILE        1967
Brad Steiger                 THE FLYING SAUCER MENACE          1967
Brad Steiger                 STRANGERS FROM THE SKIES          1966

William Steinman             UFO CRASH AT AZTEC               ?1988

Robert Sheaffer              THE UFO VERDICT: EXAMINING
                             THE EVIDENCE                      1980

Jack Stonely             *   IS ANYONE OUT THERE               1974

Ronald Story                 UFO'S AND THE LIMITS OF SCIENCE   1981
Ronald Story             #   THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF UFO'S         1980
Ronald Story                 GUARDIANS OF THE UNIVERSE         1980
Ronald Story                 THE SPACE GODS REVEALED A CLOSE   1976
                             LOOK AT THE THEORIES OF ERICH
                             VON DANIKEN

Frank Stranges               THE STRANGER AT THE PENTAGON      1972
Frank Stranges               MY FRIEND FROM BEYOND EARTH       1960
Frank Stranges               FLYING SAUCERAMA                  1959

Whitley Strieber         #   TRANSFORMATION                    1988
Whitley Strieber         *   COMMUNION                         1987

Leonard Stringfield      *   SITUATION RED: UFO SIEGE          1977
Leonard Stringfield          INSIDE SAUCER POST 3-0 BLUE       1957

Richard Tambling             FLYING SAUCERS WHERE DO
                            THEY COME FROM                     1967

Paul Thomas                  FYING SAUCERS THROUGH THE AGES    1965

Andrew Tomas             *   WE ARE NOT THE FIRST              1971

James Trevor                 THEY LIVE IN THE SKY              1958

Jacques Vallee               CHALLENGE TO SCIENCE:
                             THE UFO ENIGMA                    1966
Jacques Vallee               MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION: UFO
                             CONTACTS AND CULTS                1979
Jacques Vallee               DIMENSIONS: A  CASEBOOK OF
                             ALIEN CONTACT                     ????
Jacques Vallee               THE INVISIBLE COLLEGE            ?1978
Jacques Vallee           *   ANATOMY OF A PHENOMENON           1965
Jacques Vallee               UFO'S IN SPACE                    1965
Jacques Vallee           *   THE UFO ENIGMA: CHALLENGE         1966
                             TO SCIENCE
Jacques Vallee               PASSPORT TO MAGONIA               1969

! Renato Vesco           *   INTRCEPT / UFO                    1968
                            (INTERCEPT BUT DONT SHOOT)

Travis Walton                THE WALTON EXPERIENCE             1978

David Webb                   YEAR OF THE HUMANOIDS             1974

David Wheeler                THE LUBBOCK LIGHTS                1977

Dale White                   IS SOMETHING UP THERE?            1969

P. J. Wilcox                 THE UFO QUESTION                  1976

Harold T. Wilkins            FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED         1956
Harold T. Wilkins        *   FLYING SAUCERS ON THE ATTACK      1954
Harold T. Wilkins            STRANGE MYSTERIES OF TIME
                             & SPACE                          ?1954

George Hunt Williamson       OTHER TONGUES, OTHER FLESH       ?1988
George Hunt Williamson       THE SAUCERS SPEAK                ?1966

Dr. Clifford Wilson      *   CRASH GO THE CHARIOTS             1972
Dr. Clifford Wilson      *   THE ALIEN AGENDA                  1974
Dr. Clifford Wilson          UFO'S & THEIR MISSION IMPOSSIBLE  1974
Dr. Clifford Wilson          IN THE BEGINNING GOD              1970

Don Wilson                   OUR MYSTERIOUS SPACESHIP MOON     1975

T. M. Wright                 THE INTELLIGENT MAN'S GUIDE
                             TO FLYING SAUCERS                 1968

Bob Young                    FLYING SAUCERS ARE - BOOK TWO     1959

Mort Young                   UFO: TOP SECRET                   1967

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